LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)

LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)  is the new trend in flooring because of it’s high quality and reasonable price. Less expensive than wood, ceramic or stone, LVP provides the same look with a incredible realism, yet it’s very durable.  Don’t let the word vinyl confuse you. This is not vinyl sheet flooring with which most people are familiar.  LVP is up to a quarter inch thick, very strong, and holds up to heavy traffic. For these reasons, LVP is increasing in popularity and is quickly becoming the choice for many homeowners. It is also waterproof and can be installed anywhere in your home or business, including basements. LVP looks so real that people actually think it is wood, stone or ceramic.

That’s why it’s called luxury, because it’s the best and it’s quickly becoming the industry standard. If you’re considering new flooring options, you need to look at LVP for the following reasons: reasonable price, less expensive than natural materials, improved realism in the look of the product and the thickness and durability of the planks.

Although it can be installed by the homeowners themselves,  there are some technical considerations to be aware of including using the correct tools, expansion gaps, edging, cutting techniques, acclimation and installation time and much more. If you’ve never installed LVP before, you should probably hire an expert. The expert installers at Masterpiece Flooring can install your new floor professionally and correctly.  

Masterpiece Flooring offers LVP by the following manufacturing leaders in this new product line:

Shaw, Mohawk, Centiva, Armstrong and Beaulieu.

Masterpiece Flooring only offers top quality product lines, always installed by experienced professionals. Stop into the Rossville, GA store and view LVP options.  You will be impressed by the quality of this product.